Web Managers/Campus Communicators

UNC Charlotte is committed to ensuring that information is provided in an accessible format. When developing information consider how individuals with disabilities will be able to access the information. Electronic and paper-based information should be available in accessible formats for individuals with disabilities. For more information about building accessible websites contact the Assistive Technology Specialist in the Office of Disability Services.

One way to make paper-based information, such as brochures and fliers, accessible for individuals with disabilities is to post them electronically on the website, but not in PDF format. There are clear guidelines for making electronic information accessible following Section 508 Guidelines. If information is needed in Braille format, contact the Office of Disability Services for assistance.

Office of Disability Services
Fretwell 230
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

704‑687‑0040 (tty/v)
Fax: 704‑687‑1395