Universal Design Training

UNC Charlotte is committed to providing equality of educational opportunity and ensuring accessible education to all students.   

Universal Design training demonstrates how full accessibility not only benefits students with disabilities but also adds quality to courses.

Katie Montie photo

 Katie Montie, ADA Project Coordinator, offers several trainings to campus faculty and staff. 


This series consists of short sessions that cover various topics of Universal Design for Learning and Access.  

Check out individual session links below, or view the entire Universal Design Fast Facts Series at UNC Charlotte playlist on the Campus Accessibility YouTube Channel.



Universal Design: Documents and Web Access

This 6-hour certificate program, held in a campus computer lab, offers a hands-on understanding of the importance of Universal Design (UD) and how to build content that is universally accessible. The workshop includes an overview of common disabilities and strategies used to mediate barriers to access. The program explains how to make materials entirely created to ensure access to the broadest range of individual needs. With the completion of this certificate, participants will have a better understanding of Universal Design, Disabilities, Accessibility, Accommodation, and Usability.  Registration information can be found in the Learning & Development Portal.